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Remodeling Trends


Interior design, like the fashion industry, is ever evolving with new colors. Color is the key to any room, it can evoke a calm, serene sense of peace, or a lively, cheery, energetic space. It expresses your own distinct personality. Just like the fashion industry, what was old is new again, only in a new, updated form. (Remember bellbottoms?) The color trends of 2019 are bringing in softer whites and warmer grays that provide a neutral backdrop, allowing splashes of color to be brought in.

Strong and bold, but subtle and refined, the incoming accent colors, with a nod to yesterday, will be hunter green, coral, teal, pink and yellow, deep brick reds and terracotta oranges, with hunter green taking the lead. Our strong interest in blue continues, embracing and expanding the blue spectrum influenced with tones of green. We can bring these lively colors into a kitchen or bathroom by adding an unexpected color to an island or base cabinets or floating shelves. With so many tile options out there today, tiled backsplashes and walls are a favorite way to incorporate color and personality. Wallpaper is also making its way back into the picture and is an excellent option. So let's have fun and explore colors and refresh our favorite spaces with all the things that we love and bring life to our lives!